6 Sunday Specials....

Since the weather cant decide if we are moving into warm and sunny Spring, or still in the chilly, brisk and windy Winter temperatures the following have helped me to warm myself...

1. Some Snazzy Le Tan products are making me a bronzed goddess...

I go from a glowing snow Queen to a bronzed summer goddess in one nights sleep... and I smell yummy (according to my husband)

2. My new Bangs..

I am loving my new Bangs... I may have been influenced by my style icon Lauren Conrad...

3. Chicken Soup

Warming our tummies and souls....
Not officially having a home has left us craving home made treats...


1 Onion
1 Potato
1 Carrot
1 Celery
1 Sweet Potato
500g of Chicken thigh

Chicken Stock
Can of Corn
1 Tablespoon of Garlic
Salt and Pepper
Chinese 5 Spices
a pinch of chilli

Brown your chicken, onion and spices
Add stock
Add vegetables
Rice Noodles

Simmer for 1-1.5 hours

4. Scarfs...

The perfect trans seasonal accessory

miranda scarf

5. Count downs..

I live for a countdown, life is so exciting when you have things to countdown too.
3 weeks till we move into our dream first home
and get to pick up the newest addition to the household
Prince George

6. Loving Face of Australia, Polyester Girl
Bright punchy pink, slow to chip...

xx Have a special week

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