Im back, again.....

I am back again...
Its been a very busy and stressful couple of months, we have packed, moved and are counting down until we move into our beautiful New Home....

I spent weeks packing our lives into boxes and packing suitcases to take to my mother in laws for our 6 week stay. Living out of suitcases for the last month has been stressful, and an experience but we are now down to the last three weeks and planning our move.

I am deliriously happy and busy planning the move and how we will decorate.


Living out of a suitcase I have come up with some interesting OOTD

I keep thinking Oh Ill wear this or that and then realizing its in a box in storage.... I have come up with some new combinations.



  1. Such exciting times! I love the anticipation of decorating a new home

    1. Seriously its the most exciting and fun part, once we move in and have things set up Ill be able to really play... Just dreaming at present x


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