Pregnancy Update Week 8

How far along? 
8 weeks and a few days

Total weight gain? 
no Idea but I am losing my waist....

Maternity clothes? 
I've bought a few ASOS items in anticipation of my growing bump..

Im also selling some of my beautiful items here Link
Stretch marks? 
None yet, Im rubbing Palmers Stretch Mark Cream into my tummy, thighs, breasts and butt twice a day... I smell like cocoa and my skin is so soft

Sleep is okay. Im not a great sleeper normally but being pregnant I have noticed I fall asleep from exhaustion pretty quickly but wake frequently because I feel so nauseous 

Best moment this week?
Super excited for our first scan tomorrow, we cant wait

Worst moment this week?
Im so sick with morning sickness, it lasts all day and night and feel so nauseous and vomit so frequently. I know its part of pregnancy but its so draining day and night 

Miss anything? 
Feeling well, and having energy...

None yet.. just funny watching my tummy change shape

Food cravings? 
Craving Vegemite toast, fruit juice, mango and chocolate

Anything making you feel sick or queezy? 
everything, all day and night.... Strong smells and sadly coffee

we don't know yet....

sick, tired, nauseous and bloated

Belly button in or out? 
Teeny tiny inny

Happy or moody?
Generally really happy. 

Looking forward to?
Our first scan and the nauseous passing

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