12 Week and 6 day update....

12 Week and 6 day update....


How far along? 
12 weeks and 6 days pregnant... Already..

Total weight gain? 
No idea, I don't weigh myself but clothes are tighter and look different

Maternity clothes? 
Yes and no, I still fit allot of my clothes they just sit differently. I have worn some maternity stuff on my really sick days for comfort

Stretch marks? 
Not yet, Im using the same oil and cream as last month and my skin feels smooth and comfy

Terrible, I have had very broken sleep and although the bdy pillow is helping my comfort levels, its hard to stay asleep. 

Best moment this week? 
My beautiful husband, he just swoops in and takes care of everything.. I am so so lucky.

Miss anything?
On occasion a wine, and being able to just eat anything and not have to think about each mouthful and what it could do to the baby

Nothing yet......

Food cravings?

Lot's of sweet things, chocolate. oh and subway.

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
The smell of bins, fish and the heat

we don't know for 7 more weeks :( I still think it's a boy though. 

Still have the awful morning sickness, its passing slowly but its still there.

Also my back aches, its in my lower back and is not a comfortable feeling at all. 

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody most of the time?
Tired and somewhat cranky....

Looking forward to? 
Valentines day this weekend and going away with my gorgeous husband

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