Glossy Sensationail Gel Nails

Glossy Sensationail Gel Nails

I am currently a busy pregnant working mum to be. I love to look polished but in between morning sickness and work I have been slacking and looking less than my glamorous self.

Sensationaill nails is my current lifesaving beauty fix to keep my nails looking shiny and new..

This simple and easy to use system creates glamorous, shiny and hard wearing nails. 

Just because your lucky I created a step by step guide how to guide

Start with clean nails, lightly buff to shape and ensure a smooth texture

Clean nails with the gel cleanser

Prime nails with a think coat of primer
(dries instantly, well nearly)

Swipe on a base coat and seal the ends of your nails
Cure in the fancy pants UV light for 30 seconds
(yes only 30 seconds)

The fancy pants UV light

Paint on the desired color and seal the tips of your nails

Cure for 60 seconds


add a coat of the shiny Top Coat

Cure for 30 seconds

Then set with another swipe of Gel Cleanser

Ta Da, gorgeous shiny nails....

And look at some of the pretty colors...

Pop over here to see all the pretty shades

Polishes retail for $19.99


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