Bump Update 20 weeks

its a

Our beautiful and healthy Baby Girl

le bump

How far along? 
20 weeks and 1 day

Total weight gain? 
2kg but probably a bit more now as I am 2 weeks away from my weigh in day

Maternity clothes? 
Yes , I hardly fit anything in my normal wardrobe now, I have even bought all new bras. I am embracing lycra

Stretch marks? 
Not yet, Im using the same oil and cream as last month and my skin feels smooth and comfy

Terrible, I have had very broken sleep and although the body pillow is helping my comfort levels I still wake often and I am uncomfortable

Best moment this week? 
Finding out we are having a healthy and gorgeous Baby Girl

Miss anything?
On occasion a wine, and being able to just eat anything and not have to think about each mouthful and what it could do to the baby

Some flutterings and kicks....

Food cravings?
Juice, any type and often....

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
Not anymore, yippie

A healthy and precious Baby Girl

Back pain and sciatica.

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody most of the time?
Happy but very tired and my back is very uncomfortable

Looking forward to? 
Easter and having some extra rest time

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  1. You are looking fabulously devine Mrs R. With a splash of mummy glow xxx


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