Lip Lovin

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Summer calls for punchy pinks, fresh corals, lovely nudes, and bright reds.

I love a bright lip to lift my look, its one of the easiest ways to pull together your look.

a quick and easy How To Apply Lipstick Guide, line, fill and smile

My top 4 lipsticks

Australis Pout Paste, Pash me Pink 

Pout Paste

Love this product, super simple to apply, has staying power in spades and is a punchy pink

Chanel, Rouge Coco MADEMOISELLE 


Wearing my fav Chanel, Rouge Coco Mademoiselle


my most fav daily lipstick ever... so versatile and easy to wear, creamy and pretty

and one of my absoloute fav lip products to mix, or wear lone is

This product is by far my most used and loved lippy, I get so many compliments when I wear this beauty 

What are your fav lip products? Do you know of any dupes for my fav products?



  1. I need to buy some pink lipsticks... probably a coral one because I tend to stick to brown because it suits my complexion. I need to make more of an effort with my make-up but after becoming a mum, my makeup sits on the backburner. I generally wear a BB cream everyday and a lip gloss.

    1. Thats all you need though, your gorgeous!! I just add lipstick/gloss and a sweep of blush and mascara. I leave the products I use everyday on the bathroom bench in a makeup bag xx

  2. I think I may need to check out that Lychee lippy, looks a great everyday colour!

    1. It is my absolute go to lippy and its cheap to boot. Priceline and K-mart carry the Face of Australia range

  3. I love how lipstick looks on other women but it never looks right on me. I've worn it once or twice and I just look ridiculous! I do need to get a lippy for my 6 year old's dance concert next week so I'll have a look at these, thanks...

    1. Pleasure lovely... I used to feel strange wearing lippy but I started experimenting with different types of lip products like glosses, chubby stick lipsticks and tinted glosses. These are a good foray into the world of lipstick.. baby steps x


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