Natural Fibers, Allergies and Babies

As a mum you want to do what is best for your baby and with all babies being different it can be a little difficult to figure out what will work well for your baby. There soft skin and delicate health needs to be nurtured and protected. Using natural products and fibers is a good starting point to ensure baby doesn't suffer nasty rashes or eczema, allergies or health issues.

Whilst researching all things baby I stumbled across Little Bean Organics , a company whose beliefs and products are beautiful and gentle. They use organic cotton in their products which is a non toxic and hypo allergenic fiber so its gentle for little ones skin.

My top tips for protecting bubs gentle skin and health
  • use natural products to bathe and soothe your little ones skin
  • in the heat of summer use breathable fabrics such as cotton so babies skin can breath 
  • wash babies clothing and bedding in a fragrance free, sensitive laundry powder
What are your tips for protecting bubs sensitive skin and health? x

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