OOTD - Baby Friendly Outfits

Being a new mum has created new wardrobe rules and while its created a need for a whole lots of shopping its been a new experience having new rules to abide by such as

  • can I bend over in this without showing everyone my huge mummy boobs
  • can i bend over in this without showing everyone my mummy behind
  • will vomit wipe off of this fabric easily
  • does it need ironing? if yes then its not happening

Shirt Desses, comfy, tummy friendly and easy to throw on

Comfy Stretch dresses

Another short dress, this time chambray

Comfortable Shift Dress

Print Pants and a casual T-shirt

Sussan Silk skirt with a Sportsgirl T-shirt

Sussan Stripe Dress

Stripes for the win, every time

Boohoo drop waist dress

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