Our Birth Story

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Lets start at the beginning. My pregnancy was not the best, I had awful morning sickness up until I was 20 weeks and had a pinched nerve in my neck for the rest of my pregnancy. All that fun aside our baby was healthy and we had no major complications. We both knew how lucky we were to have fallen pregnant so easily and `were feeling blessed regardless.
At 32 weeks we found out bub was breach and started to prepare for a caesar , at 34 weeks bub had done a full turn but my cervix was fully compressed so we had steroid injections as a precaution and it was back to the original birth plan...
Then when we were nearly 36 weeks I started to have terrible abdominal pains, I could hardly walk and was crying in pain. The midwives told us to come in for them to check us out and so we were off to the hospital. I was convinced we would be there for an hour and they would send us home. This wasn't the case...
They strapped me to a monitor, did an internal examination (the horror) and injected me with pethidine, took blood and tested my wee wee. I was admitted then and told we would be there over night. I was starting to get scared and the pain was getting worse. The nurses and doctor didn't think I was in labor but I was having contractions and I was in so so much pain.
The night continued much the same, more monitoring and pethidine and more pain, by morning I hadn't slept a wink and I was just wanting the pain to go away.
My obstetrician came in at 9am and gave me two options, head to the ward for the next few weeks and have pain killers or get baby out. I asked what he would do and he said get my child safely out so we agreed and it was all stations ago.
15 mins later I was on a operating table, having a spinal block and shaking with nerves, was I really ready to meet our baby? A million thoughts raced through my little head, but with my husband close by holding my hand I knew we were doing the right thing for both bub and I. The operation was quick and Sophia Grace was born healthy and perfect, she screamed as soon as she was out and threw her arms in the air as if to say, Im here World !!! After a quick cuddle she was whisked off to special care and my surgery continued. The surgeon found a tumorous growth on my bowel that had twisted upon itself , he removed it and hoped this would be the end of my pain.
Once I was back on the ward I felt great, albeit numb.... Once that wore off the pain kicked in and I was on some serious pain relief and rest, I was a Mum and there was no greater feeling in this World. 

So that's our story, it was a whirlwind, so unexpected but in the end we had a beautiful and tiny baby who is healthy and brightening our every day with her presence. xxx

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