Time Saving Beauty - Getting out the door on time

I remember when I could spend hours trying on outfits and an entire afternoon could be spent lazily getting ready for an outing. Now with bebe in tow I like to keep things simple and fast.

a naughty haul of most necessary products, staying well stocked is very important

Here are my hot tips for getting ready on time and still looking glamorous

  • Primp and Preen ahead of time, if I know I have an event on the weekend I make sure my hair is washed the night before, my tan was applied on Thursday and my eyebrows have been tidied up mid-week. 
  • Plan your look, and stick to it. If you create a bold lip stick to this look, don't rush another look last min and do a half a***d job, or run late because your fixing up your mistakes. Pick a look, schedule the time needed to create this look and your well on your way to a glamorous you
  • Outfit plan, now this isn't necessarily a beauty tip but its a GREAT life tip
  • Pack your bag with the essential touch up tools
Keeping my look simple and focusing on a bold lip or a statement eye means I can relax and enjoy getting ready and still feel like I have made an effort with my look 

I also have the right tools and products, I keep my makeup brushes in a roll and keep them clean. I keep my makeup stored and organised so I can (nearly always) find what I am looking for and I have always got tissues, cotton buds and cotton balls on hand to tidy up. 

Hope some of these tips helped.. Let me know what you do to stay on time and glamorous x


  1. Great tips! I agree with planning your look and sticking with it. It saves a lot of stress and time. Rachel x

    1. organisation and precision planning = time saving and stress free x

  2. Yep I always plan a head. I need to be more organized now that I have three little girls. I had rushing to get ready.

    1. with three little ladies i bet its hard to get out the door im still getting the hang of it with one baby x


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