Beautiful Brows, Tips and Tricks for the busy lady

Beautiful brows are still one of beauties biggest trends in 2014 and I have some tips and tricks for the budget and time conscious out there.

I love a filled in strong brow, waxed, tinted and filled

I have two different shaped brows but with a little effort and time they look polished and face framing. I occasionally get my brows waxed and tinted but mostly just do a twice weekly hunt for those pesky stray hairs. 

Fill and style your brows
I use the Oh Hi Brow Kit by Australis to fill and style my brows everyday!

Oh Hai Brow! Kit

Its so easy to use, just three simple steps
1. Pluck any naughty stray hairs
2. Use the applicator brush to apply a thin coat of wax, I brush sideways then upwards to give a really full effect.
3. Fill your brows lightly by brushing over the powder, this should fill your brows nicely. 

Choose a flattering eyebrow shape, this will help to frame your face and enhance your peepers. 
Image {

and lastly have your eyebrows professionally shaped and tinted every few months. 

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