Summer Feet

Summer means sandals, open toe shoes and flashing your tootsies. Nothing looks worse than cracked heels, peeling polish and rough and dry patches.

Here are my hot tips for perfectly pretty tootsies. 

  • To get rid of rough patches and to prevent cracked heels buff those tootsies with a pumice stone a few times a week, focus on your heels and rough patches. I like to do this in the shower after my feet have had a good soak. If you can I absolutely recommend having a professional pedicure every month or so to give your feet a good scrub and to get rid of those pesky cuticles. 
I love this Pumice stone from Manicare
  • Invest in a foot balm and apply this at night time and pop on some soft cotton socks and let it soak in over night, you will wake with baby soft feeties
I love this Foot Cream from Avon 
Foot Works Beautiful Overnight Renewing Foot Cream
  • File and cut your nails, apply polish regularly in bright punchy pinks, oranges and red. If you use a good base and top coat your polish will last longer and wont stain your nails. 
Loving the OPI Brazil collection for Summer 2014

Preparation is key for perfect tootsies, what are your top footsie tips? x


  1. Definitely recommend outsourcing to the professionals for a relaxing pedi. Always take thongs though and even when you think they are dry enough, wait another hour before putting your normal shoes on. I have ruined my two big toes from Friday's pedi! Also NS8 balm is amazing for cracked rough soles.

    1. I wish I had more time to outsource..... a mum can dream..


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