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Want to save time with your beauty routine?? I know I do. I love any product or trick that will  save me time and still leave me looking and feeling pulled together and chic.

A quick beauty routine means more cuddle time with this cutie

Here are my top tips for saving time and staying chic

  • DRY SHAMPOO, this is your new best friend. Spray this on your part line and leave for a few minutes then brush.. Dry shampoo will give you fresh and clean looking hair and give you longer between washes. My fave dry shampoos are Batiste and Cedal
WILD  or Cedel Dry Shampoo 100g

  • Gradual tanner, this beauty revolution suits time poor tan and moisture loving ladies. Less chance of streaks and patches and more chance of moisturized, bronzed skin. Easy to apply after a shower, simply rub in and wake up bronzed and happy. My fav gradual tanners are Le Tan,  Naked Tan

  • Leave in Moisturizer , keep your locks shiny and smooth, moisturized and happy. Any product that keeps my hair looking polished and healthy is a winner for me. I am loving Cedel Conditioning Foam   Just run a dollop through your hair and go.
Cedel Conditioning Foam 125g

  • Makeup wipes, walk in the door wipe off your face. I love the ease of a wipe, when I am wanting to wipe away the day. I love Australis wipes. These smell lovely and fresh and wipe away grime and makeup with ease.  
3 in 1 Wipes 25.0 pack

What are your tips for saving time and staying chic and polished? xx

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