Body after Baby - My story and pictures

Disclaimer - I do not claim to have any health or exercise qualifications this is just my personal story I wanted to share my very un-glamorous story.

When I was pregnant I had a really rough journey, I had chronic morning sickness for over 5 months, I had a pinched nerve in my neck and suffered perinatal depression. I didn't exercise as much as I used too and I ate chocolate to get my through the tough times. I put on 23kg, ouch!!! It wasn't healthy and I knew it but I really couldn't seem to get myself out of the funk. I kept telling myself the only thing that mattered was that our baby was healthy, weight can be lost and fitness and tone can always be worked towards.

Fast forward to our daughters birth, an emergency caesar 6 weeks early. I was quite literally in shock, I had a problem with my bowel that was also operated on during my caesar. I spent the next 4 weeks virtually housebound apart from the odd trip to the shops. Once I had the all clear from my obstetrician and physio I began light exercise, walking, squats and gentle weights.

3 months post casear I  began the 12wbt program. Its been fantastic for me, the meals and shopping lists have made it really easy to be organised and to have healthy snacks on hand. I haven't been following the exercise program as I have still got a lot of pain in my lower stomach but I have been trying to walk regularly.  I also didn't follow the program over Christmas, I did continue with my healthy dinners, breakfasts and lunches when I was at home but I did indulge in snacks so I didn't lose any weight over Christmas and New Years but I have lost 13kg overall since my daughter was born.

I have another 10kg or one dress size to get back to my old self and I am okay with that. I have had the slow and steady approach to weight loss after having a baby. I want to be a good role model for my daughter, I want her to be healthy and happy in her self. Im trying to feel that way, and I feel closer to self acceptance than I have in a long while.

My old self on the left and where I am now on the right

she makes every second of my life that much more wonderful

Left is now and right was a few days postpartum
Left is a few days postpartum and the right is me now

I just wanted to share these photos to show women what a average woman looks like after giving birth, the media shows us only one type of image that a Mum should try and aspire to and I think sometimes we just want to see some reality to give us perspective. 

Every woman is different and every pregnancy and labor, every body after pregnancy is different and that's wonderful. 

Embrace your healthy self and dont forget to look after yourself so you can be the best Mum xx

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