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When I decided I needed a new look for Sand castles and Paper crowns I started looking to the wonderful blogging community around me  and happened to stumble across Honey and Fizz's new look blog. I followed the link to Ready to Blog and the rest as they say is history.

Bobbi is the owner and creative genius behind Ready to blog designs, Bobbi is a sweet, fun and vibrant web designer, we hit it off and I looked forward to her email updates on our makeover project. I cant recommend her services enough if your in the market for web design.

and Here is a little about the creative genius herself.

Credit { http://www.claudiarosecarter.co.uk/ } 

Tell us a little about yourself and what makes you tick?

What makes me tick? Coffee, pretty much! I'm a web designer who got bitten by the travel bug and I'm absolutely in love with seeing the world. (Australia is one of my favorites, and the year that I spent there completely changed my life.) I spend most of my days working from home, so I've become a very good cook in the last few years. Not that it matters as I've probably burned all of my taste buds off with all of the coffee I consume! 

How did you start Ready to Blog?
I thought there was a big need for affordable design that's tailored to the individual. I really love what I do, so it makes it easy to throw passion into every project and give each client something really unique and functional that their readers will love. I work with fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, small businesses, big businesses, and charities...so it's never boring! I'm naturally curious, so Ready to Blog is always growing and changing and what it looks like in 2015 is very, very different from how the business looked when I started but the roots of it all remain the same: good design for good people. I love working with my clients and bringing their vision to life and if I continue to have the opportunity to help people reach their goals, I'm in good shape!

Where do you get your inspiration?
Surprisingly, not Pinterest! Weird, right? I draw my inspiration from life, tangible objects (menus, signage, etc), stories even. I think it's fun to bring things to digital rather than to just draw from it, so I try to surround myself with beautiful people and things that keep me excited about creating. Also (cheese alert): I draw a lot of inspiration from my partner. He makes me want to be a rock star. :) 

So if your looking for a super star blog designer your search is over..... Head Here now xxx

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