Time saving - manicure on the run

I love a good mani as much as the next self respecting woman but babies and shiny nails don't always mix. I don't get much time to sit around and paint my nails anymore, I save that treat for when the baby is asleep.

I like to keep my routine simple and efficient.

Here are my to tips for keeping nails looking lovely

  • Preparation is key, keep nails filed into a round or square shape. Avoiding having ragged edges that catch on everything and tear and break your nails. Remember file in one direction. 
  • Invest in a top coat and base coat!! I love Revitanail for a treatment and base coat and OPI Topcoat.. 
  • Quick dry oil!! These products are wonderful, they moisturize cuticles, and keep polish smudge free. Bumps literally slide off your oily nails. I love Essence express dry drops this product is fantastic and cheap and cheery too. 
  • EDITED!!! my new absolute time saving and smudge proof guaranteed product is the OPI Rapidry - OPI quick drying Top coat.... This stuff is amazing, nails dry instantly and are super shiny..
My other fav time saving tip for nails is to do a Gel manicure, they take longer to do but last far longer...

What are your tips for a good mani?? x Do you pour a glass of wine and enjoy the experience and throw some polish on before running out the door....


  1. I tend to do one hand, fall asleep and leave the house! It's not uncommon for me to only have one hand with painted nails.

    1. I have been known to forget to paint my thumb nails but never a whole hand, that is hilariously adorable!!

  2. I'm totally a glass of wine and enjoy the experience gal, unfortunately I don't have time to do it very often so I mostly have au naturale nails most days! When I do paint them though I love the gel system - I got a light a little while ago and I love how it's dry instantly after the light and it lasts for almost two weeks without chipping! xo

  3. My nails are in terrible condition thanks to my love of gel nails. I'm currently letting them breathe and grow out. I always use Solar Oil and and orange stick to push back my cuticles and then apply Essie Nail strengthener. And wine as I do it. Rachel x


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