High Pony essentials - My how to guide

The high pony is practically a Mummy and busy woman's essential. I love the ease and everyday glamour of the High pony, its looks classic and pulled together.

Tools of the trade..

  • I love dry shampoo to give good texture and dry up oily hair. 
  • I like to straighten or curl my ends to give a neater look
  • You need a comb for back combing and tidying up the finished look
  • and don't forget elastics, I love these because there is no nasty metal clasp to tear my hair out. 

High Pony essentials

GHD blow dryers iron, 295 AUD / Sleep In Rollers dry shampoo, 19 AUD / Hair comb / Glam Bands knotted hair tie, 18 AUD

Here is my how to guide and easy step by step. 

For best height and glamour I start with dirty hair, you can cheat with dry shampoo or a texturising product

To give a nice poufy front, back comb and tease your hair. 

I like to gently pin this in place

now its time to form the pony, pull hair back and brush the sides smooth, then brush upwards from the nape of your neck until you reach optimal pony height

Height has been achieved now for a quick tidy up and spritz of hair spray

ta daaaa

this literally takes 5 minutes with the right tools

Do you love the high pony? xx


  1. I love a high pony on my non-hairwashing days! A great tip with backcombing and pinning the top section before pulling the bulk of your into the ponytail - it gives just the right amount of height and structure to make the look polished! xo

  2. Agreed!! I need height to give me face balance!

  3. Agreed!! I need height to give me face balance!


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