How to get out the door on time with a baby on your hip

I hate being late, it makes me feel sick and guilty, anxious and upset. So when Miss S arrived a new level of army like precision organisation was required to get out the door on time. When I first left the house with her I was panicked, what if I needed something and what if she cried but over time we got our rhythm and now we love to get out and about together.

Here is my How to arrive on time guide

  • Always have a fully stocked nappy bag. When I arrive home from an outing, I restock the nappy bag, nothing worse than being caught out. Nappies, wipes, spare outfits and bibs
  • Create a routine for leaving the house that suits you and bub. 
  •  For my daughter and I, I get ready while she plays, and watches me,then I change her, dress her and she has a bottle if necessary, Then we hit the road...
  • Pack toys, food, bottles (or breast feeding necessities) , forgetting these always leads to panic. Before I get ready I mix a bottle and pack 3 spares. 
Don't stress, babies are seriously the most unpredictable critters and they need us so roll with the punches and enjoy that they need you.... one day they wont!

What are your tips for getting out the door with a little one? x

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