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All About That Base

because its all about that base, base, base....

now the fun and giggly part is over lets get serious, because its a crime to not prime.

I love the new Blemish Buster Primer

What they say.

Primer Blemish Buster 30g

Prime & Finish

Primer Blemish Buster 30g

What is it?
An acne fighting primer to fight and soothe redness. Moisturise and hydrate your skin before your foundation, while also healing and soothing acne and other blemishes.
Why we love it
Contains Argan oil to promote soft skin, and evening primrose oil to heal and soothe.

What I say

Its like a fresh hit of icey water. I apply this after I have moisturized and it leaves my skin looking tighter and less red. It gives a smooth canvas to apply the foundation too!! Win/Win!!

Just make sure you wait for it to set, (just a few seconds, maybe 15) xx

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