About me

I am 31, and the happiest I have ever, ever been. I live a lovely life in Brisbane, Australia with my gorgeous husband of nearly 2 years and daughter who is just 7 months old. We have a gorgeous rescue kitten (shes 4) Lou Lou and love snuggling up and hanging out at home.

I love to get dressed up and do my makeup but mostly you will find me snuggled up on my couch watching our cable tv and playing on instagram.

I love to paint my nails, drink wine and read but not all at once..

I love coffee, wine and cups of tea in that order.

I garden, and love it.

Peonies are the most beautiful flowers and I love them and their smell

My hair is naturally a mousey boring blonde and has been a million shades of blonde and brown and I think the balyage is here to stay. So is the long layered cut.

I am shy... I get super anxious meeting new people and often talk myself out of going out.

I'm not "successful", but I am a good person, I love my family and friends and I try and be happy each day.

I work at a Law firm, but mostly I have worked in HR admin, retail and promotions

I don't like cucumber at all, in anything, I can not stand it!

I love macaroni cheese, chocolate and wine.

Pink and sparkles are my favorite colors

My home is a mix between shabby chic, hamptons and a country cottage.

I love a bargain and sometimes feel like a tight arse because of my absolute need to bargain.

So that's a little about me, what else would you like to know??

Tell me some quirky things about you xxxxxxx

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