How to clean your Makeup Brushes, product free DIY!!

I love a good beauty hack, anything that saves me money and time, right!!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a must, using dirty brushes on your skin can cause nasty bacteria to spread all over your clean skin, yuck!!

Its also really important if you want your brushes to last to clean and reshape them regularly.

The easiest and cheapest method to clean your brushes that I have found is simply white vinegar and water, hot water.

I use half water and vinegar as a solution and drop in a few drops of essential oil, like Lavender or Tea tree purely for smell stir and its ready. 

Swirl brushes around vigorously. 
I also gently push the bristles on the bottom or side of the jar too

Reshape your brush and wallah clean brushes that smell delicious. 

Simple and cheap and cheery.
Do you have any beauty hacks that are cost friendly? x

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