Life Lately

We have a teething baby in our house, and its HOT in Brisbane still so I have been in second gear for the last week or so.

Love this quote, Im still chipping away slowly at my Certificate in Professional styling..

Many cups of tea and coffee have been keeping me going...

Lots of snuggles and sleeps on Mummy, not that I mind

Blue eyed girls

She is our darling bebe, 7 months old.

I bought this hard wood table from Gumtree and revamped it... 
Ta da a shabby chic table

Had a night out with my best girlfriend, a few drinnks and snacks and lots of laughs

Much blogging and planning happening around here

Received this Samantha Wills card to frame, isn't she divine

and I have been road testing these Essada products and so far am loving them... review to come

Fresh flowers because I can... and well Sonia made me do it.. with her post about flowers.. Do I need another reason

Story of my life and most mums I know
totally left me giggling

and I will....

My little bestie...

I have been crafting up a storm, making hearts and painting everything

and I don't hold back with Easter decoration. Do you theme your home??

Miss S's vintage suitcase memory box I created

More goodies to try and I am so excited about these Dr Lewinns products.. Did someone say anti ageing

And lastly I am going to get a lob, a long bob..... I am excited and nervous... Pics to come after Saturday x

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