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Im talking all things Pop Basic today on the blog! I came across the Fabulous brand Pop Basic on instagram over a year ago and have admired collection, after collection.

Want to know what Pop Basic is? A fabulous company offering women a micro-collection of gorgeous clothing to help build a functional and stylish wardrobe, simple, fabulous and clever.

Madeline Veenstra

I was lucky enough to snatch a little of the gorgeous and amazingly successful Madeline Veenstra's time to answer a few questions for you.

Tell us a little about you: I’m the co-founder of Popbasic, a women’s fashion brand based in San Francisco. I’m originally from Brisbane, Australia but moved to the US to start Popbasic in late 2012. Many people assume that I worked in the fashion industry, but I was actually an economist before I founded Popbasic.

How did you dream up Popbasic? I actually started it because I wanted a service like Popbasic. We were thinking of moving to New York, and being from Queensland I didn’t have any cold weather clothes. I thought it would be a great idea to have a service that helped build my wardrobe over time.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I usually get my inspiration from our community, they’re very stylish! From there I like to read fashion magazines, and browse Pinterest and Instagram.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Fingers crossed we’ll still be in San Francisco and running Popbasic. I would like to have grown Popbasic to a level where I can go home once or twice a year and be confident that we’ve created something that hundreds of thousands of women from all over the world love.
Le Breton Long Sleeve Top // Modern Striped Breton Tee
What could be sweeter than strawberries and silk? Enjoy our first pop silk blouse, a mix of strawberries on a cream base. Pair with your jeans for a morning at the farmer’s market or a pencil skirt for meetings. 100% 16mm silk crepe. Model wears size small.
Paloma Leather Clutch with rose gold hardware - 100% leather

Want to see more?? Pop over to the Pop Basic website and have a squizzy I know you will be as hooked as I am...

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