The Grobag , five S method my saving grace

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The sleeping bag and swaddle were my saving grace, after many sleepless nights I came across "The five S method for baby sleep" and for us this worked.  One of the five S's is swaddle and this was a game changer for us. Our little one loved being swaddled and still does. 

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We now have a lose routine that happens around the same time each day. Sophia has a bath, puts on her pj's and swaddle, bottle and cuddles then bed. We have white noise  and try and have a constant temperature in her bedroom.

Sophia loves to bed in a sleep suit so when we were approached by Grobag to review one of their wonderful sleep bags we jumped at the chance to give one a try.

Grobag What they say
Our Grobags are produced using high-quality materials and they utilise an award winning design that does away the need for blankets and sheets. To make sure your baby does not get too cold or too warm during the night, our sleep bags come in a number of warmth ratings (togs) to choose from, and they are decorated using an array of gorgeous designs.
Safety is a priority for the Gro company, and we work hard to ensure our products meet the British Standard and Australian Safety Standards. We also work alongside the Lullaby Trust Charity to promote infant sleep safety.
Want to know more about the Size/Tog/Features? Head here

What I think
Grobags come in a variety of gorgeous designs, and the fabric is soft and washes well. The zips are excellent quality and have little covers so they wont snag your little one. The sizes are generous so they will last baby for longer. 
The design allows easy access to bubs for night time changes and gives bub enough room to move around freely during the night. 
The best thing about the Grobag is the peace of mind it gives me. I worried incessantly about my daughter and blankets coming up over her head  but the sleeping bags eliminate this worry completely. 
Priceless if you ask me. 

#Item provided for my editorial review. Please see my disclosure policy here  . 

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