Natural Ways to fix your nails

Natural ways to fix your nails or your paws as I like to call them. 

Post baby and my nails are flakey and dry, all the time! I spend allot of time washing bottles and playing and there isn't much time for pampering but these steps have helped to improve my nails and hands ten fold.

 The below treatments have helped to get my nails back to beautiful at home and they don't take much time, give them a go and let me know if they help you.

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Treat your nails to a oil dip.... I either rub coconut oil or cuticle oil onto my nails and the surrounds nightly or if they need a really good treatment soak them in oil for 10-30 minutes

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Apply a nail treatment like Revitanail daily until nails are hard and the length you love

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Keep nails short and sweet, this helps keep them strong and stops them getting caught on anything.

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Massage your hands with a sweet smelling hand cream, this helps increase blood flow to your paws

What do you do to keep your nails and hands looking lovely? xxx

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