NFuzion Review, New Do means New Products

New Do Means New Products

My blonde hair can get a little brassy and dry so I need to be on my hair game to make sure that does not happen. 

Soft and bouncy and no brassy to be seen
Image 1  Image 1

These have a vibrant purple hue that washes away any hint of brassy and leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling subtly of a masculine like perfume. 
The conditioner is light and also purple in color, its nourishing and not heavy and washes out to leave soft and bouncy hair. 

Image 1

and my favorite product.. The Hair Booster...
this stuff is amazing, it again has a soft masculine scent and with just one pump rubbed through damp hair my hair is soft and manageable, easy to style and feels and looks healthy. 

Now where can you get these fabulous products????

Salon Supplies To Your Door

and if you sign up today you get a $10 credit towards your first order, sweet...

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