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Each Month the beautiful, fabulous and amazing Bron from The Flat Bum Mum and I will interview a real life Mummy and share on our blogs.  We hope you love reading other yummy Mummies stories and experiences as much as we do... and don't forget The Laundry Lounge is open for business on the 25th so bring your washing, a whine and a wine and settle in for some fun and chats!!!

This Months real life Mum of the Moment is the lovely Crystal!!

Hello there :)

I'm Crystal. I am married to Sam and we have 2 active boys. Ethan is 9 (almost 10! eek!) and Tristan is 3.  We live in Central Victoria, around an hour to everything - airport, CBD, my sister's place. I'm currently a stay at home Mum. Before kids I had worked almost solely in the printing industry. I'm a self taught designer and I love to work with Work at Home Parents. Next year when my littlest is at 4 year old kinder I plan to focus on getting back to work.

Life with boys is a toss up between complicated and simple. I wing it... a lot. Life usually involves noise and dirt. Lego building, nerf battles, and tickle fights are a weekly occurrence in our house. Boys are messy... I have to remind them to look with "Mum eyes" rather than "boy eyes".

Feeding the family... Boys eat a lot... seriously! It's a good thing they are good eaters. My boys love anything with carbs. To keep things interesting and keep their tastebuds going I like to try a new recipe once a week. Like most families... some nights are just too hard and we have takeaway to give us all a break.

Dressing for motherhood. I've found my style has evolved as I've gotten older and more comfortable in my skin. I've always been partial to black but I like to mix it up with bright accessories.  I follow lots of fabulous women on Instagram for inspiration.
I pretty much live in Jeggings (thanks to @styleandshenanigans for the tip), leggings or shorts. I'm partial to dresses but they aren't always partial to me ;)   I love Melbourne's weather because I'm all about layers and I love to wear boots.
With boys I need to be able to move quickly so high heals are a thing of the past and saved for date nights.  

Looking after myself is important... so often we (mums) fall into the trap of not putting ourselves first and being a bit of a martyr.   If you don't make time to look after yourself, you can't be effective looking after little people.  Make time in the calendar and put yourself in time out - it can be something as simple as turning off the phone and having a long hot bubble bath or if you have more time, go out for coffee and cake with a girlfriend. 

So that's a bit about me :)  Thank you for reading!

C xoxo

Isn't she fabulous!!!

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