The Oils you need to know about

Now I don't jump on beauty trends for the sake of fashion but when a trend comes along and it works for me I will jump on it like a sleep deprived Mum on coffee.

Now for me oils work, my skin is normal with some dry patches. Its ageing (I'm in my 30s) and after having a facial analysis was told my skin needed more hydration and hydration it is now getting.

Here are my favorite beauty oils for hair, skin and body

Rose Hip Oil
This is little gem is in most beauty junkies bathroom cabinets. It has a multiple of uses and is easy to use, sinks into your skin with ease.

Rosehip Oil with Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil 20.0 ml{Currently on a buy 2 get 3 deal at priceline, run don't walk}

Coconut Oil
An absolute IT product at the moment, coconut oil is hotter than hot. I love to slather my hair in tha stuff, and if I am feeling practically rough Ill slather myself in a mixture of ground coffee, salt and coconut oil and wait..... 10 minutes later my hair feels like silk and my body feels like I have been to a day spa.

Image result for coconut oil coles{Coles}

Vitamin A Oil
Vitamin A in anything is aaaamazing for your skin. I love to use a Vitamin A enriched product on problem skin to break down unsightly pimples and cystic acne.

Jojoba Oil
A miracle in a jar.... This mircale oil can be used on your skin and nails.. and it works.. Its easily absorbed and can be applied as a serum before mosisturiser or on its own, as a spot treatment or as a nourishing mask.

Image result for jojoba oil{The Jojoba Company}

Do you use any miracle oils?? or any miracle products for that matter!! share your secrets xx

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