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Since two became three our outings have changed ever so slightly. We now have lots of things we need to fit in our car so our little miss is safe and comfy when we are out and about.

Our little family was a twosome for many years and our needs from a car were pretty simple, zippy, easy to park, fuel efficient and enough room to throw the footy gear , an over night bag and the shopping..

Fast forward to now and we still have our little car and we have allot more stuff and a baby that needs to fit into our car...

We are on the hunt for a Family Car, something that will have a little personality, some spunk,,, fit loads in, have safety in spades and also feels grown up and maybe even a little sexy...

Image result for land rover discovery
The original Land Rover Discovery
Image {Google}

Growing up my Daddy was always in love with the Land Rover Discovery, he loved all the specs and the good looks. A family car with lots of real life practical uses, It was his dream car, a classic with safety, good looks and lots of practical features. My Dad is a outdoorsy camping type of guy, quiet and unassuming. He loved to read car magazines and I will never forget him showing me car magazines with reviews of the Discovery time after time.

Image result for Discovery HSE in Aruba driving on a sunny road
The New Discovery
Image {Land Rover}

Maybe he was onto something with the Land Rover, Dads usually are.

Post sponsored by Land Rover in accordance to my disclosure policy. 

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