Being a Stay at Home Mum or SAHM

I am a stay at home Mum, I am proud of that and I love being at home raising my daughter there I have said it. Up until this week I felt like my role in the home was valued and a valid part of society but this weeks Federal Budget has quite literally torn my job to shreds. The community at large has labelled me ( and SAHMs like me) lazy, double dippers, takers that give nothing to society. I am sad, sad that I am being labelled for a job I love and value above all else. I am disappointed that women and men, families and mothers have attacked stay at home mums instead of supporting one another we have been torn to shreds.

The old saying it Takes a village to raise a child has clearly become redundant.

What do you think of the new Budget measures? What do you think would help encourage mothers and families back into the work force?

I believe more needs to be done to encourage employers to offer more flexible work conditions. Flexible work arrangements, job sharing, work from home positions and true part-time opportunities. Day care is just part of the problem families face.

Being at home with my daughter is the greatest job I have ever had, I thoroughly enjoy being at home and nurturing my child. I know some Mothers need to work for personal reasons, for financial reasons and I totally get that. I'm lucky that with a few strategic lifestyle cut backs we can manage to get by and for that I feel blessed. We don't rely on handouts but I do feel that as a society it is very important to support families and to not label stay at home parents for their choice just as I wouldn't dream of labeling working families. 

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