How do you unwind?

Time to myself is a precious commodity these days, so when I do have some time to myself I like to make the most of it and really relax and unwind.

Here are my favorite ways to steal some time to myself and unwind

1. Run a hot bath, with some luxurious bath product and hop in. Grab a book or a magazine, pop on some relaxing tunes and if your feeling really cheeky a glass of wine is a nice treat.

2. Grab your runners and hit the pavement, pop your ear phones in your ears for a distraction or simply stroll and enjoy the surroundings and fresh air. A walk is the greatest way to boost your mood, get your heart pumping and clear your head.

3. Write. Anywhere and anything but get your beautiful thoughts out on paper, with your keyboard or in a journal. Writing helps my mind to feel creative and active.

4. Pop on your favorite movie and immerse yourself in the story, the scenes and the characters. Laugh and let go..

5. Connect, with your partner, a long distance buddy... Head to your local and chat over a wine with a friend, even text someone. Get out of your own head and have a giggle with someone lovely.

How do you unwind?? Do you need time to yourself? xx

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