Protecting Yourself

Serious Post today lovelies, lets put our serious heads on for a minute. Grab a coffee and take note in the interest of helping you ensure you protect your rights and legal position!!!
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Recently I had a car accident, it was super stressful and upsetting but we were all OK and the car and baby car seat have all been fixed and sorted now. It got me thinking though of a car accident I had several years ago when a bus ran up the back of my brand new car. It was not all sorted quickly. In fact I had to seek legal advice and get the Police involved to get the bus driver to admit fault (he ran straight up the back of me when I was at a Give-way sign because he assumed I would go in a small gap in the traffic and I didn't).

Lucky for me the only advice I needed was in regards to what my rights were as the not at fault driver. Sadly though for many people life leads them into situations where they could really do with some support and legal advice to ensure their rights are safe.

Here are my tips to protecting yourself

  • Get your facts together, all the details, dates, insurance, personal and financial together in a central place. 
  • Check your personal insurance entitlements, life insurance, superannuation and any insurance that might be available to you for example personal indemnity.
  • Get  Legal Advice early, talk to someone you trust and give them your story and details and let them help you. The best advice I can give you is to talk to a legal professional and let them investigate your rights!
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