Surviving Sleep Deprivation

Surviving Sleep Deprivation

Being deprived of sleep is cruel, physically and mentally. Being a new parent is a tough gig, being sleep deprived makes every tiny little thing so much harder.

My beautiful cherub arrived early so was very hungry, all the time. Sleeping short stretches all day and night, once we got past this and developed a sleep routine and bedtime routine we got a lot more shut eye but teething, long days and sickness all equals night time wake ups.

Im well armed with some tips to survive (just) the sleep deprivation and I am sharing them with you xx

Embrace Coffee, I have never drunk so much coffee in my life.. A relaxing coffee perks me up and gives me a moment of peace.

Eat well, try as much as you can to eat fresh and healthy meals they will not only nourish your body but will leave you feeling energized and full.

Exercise gently, this is not the time to smash out PBs, try gentle walks with baby, floor work outs and yoga.

Rest, I cant sleep when my little one does but I do try and rest if we have had a long night it helps to set your body back to normal.

Treat yourself, reward yourself with a yummy treat, a new nail polish scarf or pair of PJs and enjoy this little treat.

The biggest help to me has been to change my mindset too, when my little one wakes in the night and I am s tired I try and remind myself how lucky I am that she is here, safe and well and think of all the paents who would walk the floors all night every night to hold their baby, I remind myself of my blessing. She wont be this small forever...

What do you do to survive sleep deprivation? 

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