Breast feeding and Medela

Sophia and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Medela Mothers Morning tea at the Pregnancy and Baby Expo. It was a lovely morning , meeting other Mummy bloggers, learning all about Breast feeding and Medela and don't get me started on the babies.... so much cutie yummy baby loveliness.

Ive talked about my breast feeding story before and shared my experiences and feelings here.

Breast feeding is an amazing experience, the feeling of feeding and nourishing your child is like nothing else. It is often painful, difficult, draining both physically and mentally and doesn't come naturally.  The amazing Medela staff talked us through some amazing breast feeding facts like, the average for daily feeds can vary between 4-13, boys eat more than girls on average and 2/3 of babies eat 20% of their milk between 10pm-4am (so those sleep depriving nighttime feeds are vitally important).

What is normal??

Image {Medela }

Seriously there is no normal! There is such a range, every mummy, breast and baby is different and your breast feeding experience will be different to the next mummies.

Now last year I popped down to the Medela stand for advice on breast pumps, ready to buy and was given so much helpful advice and told to wait till bubs had arrived and purchase the right pump for my breast feeding journey, seriously impressive. No sales push, just caring, knowledgeable staff who are passionate about helping women to find their normal breast feeding.

Now for some fun pics x

Met some wonderful and inspiring blogger Mummies today. All so different and all amazing. 

and what I wore , of course

Jeans Target
Shabby Sisters Earrings

Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo

Thank you to Kids Business for the invitation xx

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