Breast Feeding my Personal Experience

Being a Mummy has been everything I expected and nothing at all. I knew I would love it, and it is the best job I have ever, ever had but it is also the hardest and most tiring job I have ever, ever had.

I thought I would write a little recap on some of my experiences so far on a few issues, this week I thought I would talk about my breast feeding experiences.

Breast feeding was a struggle for me from day one, after a emergency cesarean my body was in shock and it took a lot of manual stimulation to get my milk to come in. I had nurses helping me and was pumping every 3 hours day and night, it was exhausting but eventually on day 3 my milk came in and so did the awful day three emotions, I was physically sick and exhausted. I was thrilled that I had milk though and could feed my baby myself.

 I was expressing and trying to feed her but we were still having issues.  After that my daughter would not latch, the nurses thought because she was early and we decided to try a nipple shield. This was the turning point for us, with the shield I found breast feeding much more comfortable. I used a loved the Medela Nipple Shield, the contact shape.

Medela Nipple Shield 

 I persevered for another 3.5 months but after 2 infections , a cold and a chest infection I had to stop. I felt that breast feeding was draining me more than physically and felt that mentally I was struggling. I talked to my doctor and we agreed to have a trial week off, I went on antibiotics to kill the infection and felt so much better in a few days.

I struggled with the decision to stop but my child nurse gave me some wonderful advice: Breast feeding or bottle feeding isn't the decision, being the best Mum I can possibly be for Sophia is and for me I was healthier and happier when I was not breast feeding. That has been my experience and I know with our next baby I will try to breast feed again, I will try my hardest.

After we made the decision to bottle feed using formula we hoped we would have no issues and we were lucky that Sophia had no allergies or tummy troubles and weaned straight away no problems.

I hope my experience helps one person know that its ok to just be the best Mum you can be. x

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