The start of my Weight Watchers Journey

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Since turning 30 and having a baby I have been struggling with my body image, I've gained weight and I am not feeling good. I know I am not healthy and I want to get back to good health before we have any more babies and well I am not getting any younger.

Three weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers and so far I am down 4kg, I feel less bloated and sluggish and most importantly I feel more in control and on the right track.

I have never done weight watchers before but after some research it sounded like the type of lifestyle change I needed. I don't like dieting (who does) and Weight Watchers doesn't feel like a diet. Its pretty simple, you have a certain number of daily Pro Points that you can use and weekly points too. The weekly points are usually saved up for the days you know you might go over, say if your going out to dinner, or feel like a wine.

The points system means for me I can live normally , go out be social and enjoy a wine and still lose weight. You have to be smart and make choices with your food and drink choices but ultimately its up to you how you use your points.

So I am into week three, nearly down 4kg and feeling good, Ill check in again soon. xxx

Have you done weight watchers or any of the other Weight management systems or diets?? x

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