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So many times I get up and think what do I have to do today? Hmmnnnn not a lot that requires me to leave the house, I ponder the idea of staying in my pj's all day long and then I remember I am actually an adult, I have a baby and I should sometimes , maybe get dressed properly and do grown up things.

After a couple of months of pj's I decided to invest in some super comfy clothes that were not my pj's. Now I can get dressed, open my door to the postman, door to door sales man and charity collectors and know I don't look like a grotty woman in her pj's at 3pm, baby on hip and pride left somewhere in the delivery suite..

All jokes aside though I have got some awesome go to items and looks that I want to share with you fabulous readers.

Supre Vest (my absolute favorite and currently on sale)

Chambray Dress from Mix Apparel at Coles

For Winter my go to must have item has been the fur vest, I have managed to nab a few in the sales (post on these to come) and have been wearing them all non stop. I've also been living in ponte leggings and chambray tops, flat Chelsea style boots and flats in neutrals have been staples too. I can basically mix and match these pieces and feel put together and snuggly. 

Enjoy xx

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