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Pre baby me, 7 years ago

Now that title probably got you thinking.... What is she on about.. I'm not talking fashion or beauty today, I am talking personal health, of the contraceptive kind. I've had a history of lady problems, I have Poly cystic Ovary syndrome, painful periods, ovarian cysts and in the past have had Pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. A whole boat load of fun so my contraception journey has been for more than safe sexy time.

I've been on a million different contraceptive pills to try to avoid painful periods and hormonal fluctuations and obviously to avoid unplanned babies... and having had only a handful of boyfriends and a few flings I was always practicing safe sexy time with condoms.

Contraception isn't something that us ladies really talk to much about, I talked to my girlfriends when we all started our sexy time journeys about the what, when and who of safe sex but only recently has it come up again as a topic with my Mummy friends.

Me now, a Mummy and Wife 

Post baby contraception, its one of the first things my obstetrician wanted to know my plans for post baby. To be honest I hadn't given it a second thought, apart from I don't want to do that again in the near future. I knew I had a couple of weeks to think, and so I broached the topic with my Mummy friends. Most went back on the mini pill so they could continue breast feeding and some were taking the fun option and using condoms, apparently they have come along way since back in the day when they were colored, flavored and plain.  After 3 months I decided to give the Implanon a try, it lasts three years and I don't have to remember to take it each day and its ever so slightly more effective than the Condom.

A interesting topic and one we should all totally become more comfortable with, being safe is a responsibility and as a educated adult you should know the risks, side effects and benefits of all contraception methods. No-one wants to miss out on getting jiggy safely, there's no fun in that   xxx

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