Make Getting Gifts For Your Pregnant Friends Easy!

Babies are lovely little bundles of joy. When a friend is pregnant, you can’t help but feel excited for them. So how do you show this excitement? You buy them a gift of course. Something nice for them or the baby. Maybe even both if you can find the right things, such as items that assist in breastfeeding. Still, it can be a little tricky to buy the right thing. You won’t be the only one getting them gifts. That said, babies need a lot of stuff. It’s likely whatever you get will be unique and not the ‘spare’. To make this buying process a little easier, we’ve put together a guide for getting the gifts easily.


Make It Yourself

This should only be for those with significant sewing and knitting experience. There’s something more personal about making something for a friend’s baby rather than buying it. All the thought and effort that goes into making it just radiates love. Hats are perfect for babies because they can lose a lot of their body heat through the top of their head. It doesn’t matter if they’re covered from the neck to their toes. If the head is exposed, the baby could get cold. Knitting hats is quite easy, and very cost effective too. They don’t require a lot of material because of their little heads. You want to make a hat that can fit a large orange. Be sure not to make it too loose or too tight.

If you’re going to make clothes you have to accept that they may not even last a month. Babies will grow exceptionally quickly. That means they need new clothes pretty regularly. If you’re going to make a hat or a baby-grow, maybe do a couple in ascending size order. They’ll at least be able to grow into it fairly quickly.

Buying Online

If you’re not the type to sew or knit, there’s no harm in buying the gift instead. If you’re too busy to get looking around the stores to find the gifts yourself, buying online means you can do it even from your phone. To make it even easier, you can visit Boxt Gifts. They sell gifts that are already packaged into hampers. Meaning all you have to do is pick the hamper you want and buy it. You could even get it shipped directly to your friend if you wanted. Still, it’d be better if you brought it to them for the friendly personal touch.

Getting Assistance In-Store

If you decide to go to a store to buy the gifts, it can be a little overwhelming. If there’s so much to pick from the choice can be a little paralysing. That’s why you ask if a shop assistant can help you out. They’ll hopefully be happy to oblige. They know the store better than you do. So they’ll be able to direct you to all the essential aisles with the items you want to make a great little gift selection. It’ll save you wandering aimlessly around the store unsure what to look for. Make sure you have a little list of key items you want to get though. Just the essentials though.

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