My Laser Hair Removal Experience

I'm not a hairy lady but I do get the odd hormonal hair on my chin ( I suffer from Poly cystic Ovary syndrome). I also have some soft hair above my lip that drives me crazy. I used to wax it myself but life is busy now with a baby and I hardly have time for a shower some days. I walked past a Laser clinic in a shopping center and goggled it. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices and reviews and I decided to give it a go.

I booked a session and turned up for my appointment, after a 10 min information session about the dos and dont's, the hows and whys and the after care I was ready for my treatment.

I lay on the bench, was supplied with safety goggles and the treatment began, it took all of 5 mins. It felt warm, and hot in some spot and like a very light rubber band being flicked against the skin.

After my skin felt warm, but not uncomfortable, a soothing balm was applied and I was on my way. A few hours later there wasn't even any redness, there was a slight itching sensation but nothing unbearable and a day later you wouldn't even know I had had laser hair removal.

I am booked in for my second treatment in 4 weeks and I am hopeful for good results. I should need between 3-8 sessions to be hair free for life


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