My Tips for Becoming a DIY Pro Around the House

If you want to become a DIY pro around the house, you’ll need to do a little work and research first. Nobody is born a DIY pro; it’s learned. I like to do things around the house as it helps to save us a little money. Obviously I draw the line at very difficult or dangerous jobs, but most of the time I can get things done fairly easily. Use my tips and you can do the same:

Start off With Simple Jobs

You can’t go all gung ho right off the bat and try to perform difficult DIY tasks. I admire ambition, but I totally think you need to take it slowly. You must start off with simple jobs so you can get a handle on the skills involved, and then work your way up to the harder tasks. Don’t be put off if you can’t get the hang of them right away; it takes practice to build up skills like this. It’ll be worth it in the end though! Painting is the perfect job to start with, pick a room and give it a go!!! I drive my husband mad painting furniture and upcycling..

Start a Collection of Tools

All good DIY enthusiasts need a collection of good tools. Having all of the tools you need is essential for getting the tasks done. They don’t necessarily need to be the most expensive collection of tools out there. However, you should have something for most jobs. Bear in mind the better the tools, the easier the job at hand will be (usually).


Watch Tutorials

If you’re unsure of how to do something, no problem. Simply watch a few online tutorials and you should get the gist of it. It really isn’t difficult; you should be able to find pretty much anything you’re looking for online. You can learn so much, and it’s completely free!

Consider a Workshop or Course

There are a few workshops and short courses available you could take to help you hone your skills. You may get the opportunity to have one on one advice here, which can help you to improve. You’ll learn some valuable tips and you’ll be able to take on the DIY at home with a new outlook.

Download Some Helpful Apps

There are so many apps on the appstore that can help you to complete your DIY jobs with ease. Some of them will take the place of a spirit level, while others will help you work out measurements and sizes. Lots of them are free too! You’ll become known as a handyman around the house before you know it.

Be Sensible

The key to doing DIY around the house is being sensible. Don’t try to take on a job that is particularly difficult or that you’re confused about. Why? You could spend more in the long run having it re-done. Sometimes, you do just need to ring a professional and have them do it for you. There’s no shame in it!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and now you feel inspired to become a DIY expert around the house. Leave any tips of your own below - see you again soon!

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