Stay at home Mums or SAHM Styling #sahmstyling

Are you a stay at home mum or a SAHM? I am and I love it. Its truly the best job in the World....But Its easy to fall into a bit of a style rut, to stay in your pjs all day everyday, but I really think its important to dress for the day. Obviously taking care of the house and the bebes and kids is most important but so is feeling like a adult, a fully functioning adult.

Building a budget wardrobe, that's casual and functional. individual and you is a challenge one that has to fit around all the jobs we do as SAHMs so lets share that challenge together. 

Bec from Styled by Bec and I am starting the #SAHMstyling hashtag, to encourage all the stay at home mums to share their style and challenge one another to get out of that style rut and feel wonderful. Lets help one another to develop a comfy, casual style and share our fabulous bargain finds! Not a SAHM, well share your style too and inspire us! We all have our stay at home days, our work days our nights out and casual style so share and inspire, encourage and have fun x

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