Babies And Utility Bills!

With a baby girl around the house, everything has started to change dramatically. I knew it would; it is just amazing how she affects everything, and she is only one. She is already a diva! Recently, I have been thinking about trying to cut back on our outgoings. Money isn’t tight, but having a baby is expensive, and it occurred to me that if we could cut back we should. Plus, I love a bargain! So, where to start, where to start?

Utility Bills

Australia has a lot of plus points, but the main one has to be the weather. Over here on the East coast, it is warm all year around, especially compared to some other countries. I haven’t only just realised this because I have been in Australia for a while. But, I have realised that we don’t exploit the heat in our house. Sometimes, we even use the heating! Utility bills are incredibly expensive, especially electricity. At the minute, I am seriously considering solar panels so we can make our own energy. Very organic!

Switching Suppliers

Still, just because it is hot, it doesn’t mean we don’t need gas or electricity. Unfortunately, because of the cost, we need the energy to power our homes. If your home is anything like ours, there will be electronic appliances scattered everywhere. It is like owning our very own Apple store! One way I have found to combat the basic need for energy is to compare suppliers. Compare suppliers from everything to gas and electric to your broadband subscription. A quick Google search will find you a lot cheaper suppliers and save you a bundle.

Turn Off The Lights

Do you know how inefficient light bulbs are? Let’s put it this way; they make as much heat as they do light. That also got me thinking how inefficient the rest of our household appliances are. After all, the less efficient, the more they are going to cost us in bills. It turns out that everything is pretty costly, from the toaster to the TV. If you are not using appliances, turn them off to stop them from using energy. If the switch is on, and they are plugged in, they are live and it costs you money. No one should have to throw out their appliances because they are too expensive.

Paint The Outside Of Your Home

To look at, this one sounds like it could be made up. That’s what I thought when it first heard it! After extensive research, though, I realised there were a lot of truths there. In hot climates, we tend to rely on our air conditioners to keep us cool. But, air conditioners are expensive, especially if they are running all day. So, why don’t we stop the heat getting into the house in the first place to cool us down? All you need is a few tins of paint that reflects UV rays.

Even if money is not an issue, ‘doing your bit’ it is good for the environment. I am not saying you should go green; I am just saying you might want to think about making your home more efficient.

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