Energy Efficient Features For Your Home Down Under

As a native Aussie, I have grown up over the years having to deal with the extreme heat. Even though I am a true blue Aussie and should be used to the heat, it can get unbearable at times. Sometimes, there is seemingly no escape, and even the house get bit a little stuffy. I say this because a lot of people think that Australia is a great place to come and live, and it is, its A frickin mazing. I wouldn’t live anywhere else...

If you are considering moving to the greatest country in the world, there are a few tips that I would advise you seriously consider when you look at buying your new home. These tips will save you money and make you a lot more comfortable. And take it from me when I say comfort is hard to come by in this heat! Staying cool as a cucumber can be a tricky game but some of these tips will help keep you chillin and happy.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are designed to reflect the sunlight and lower the temperature of the roof. Just one quick look around Australian homes and you will see a wide range of roofs. We Aussies take our roofs seriously because they can affect how hot your house gets in the summer, or the spring for that matter! Your roof does seem small and insignificant with regards to cooling down, but it can make a massive difference. You don’t need to use a cool roof, specifically. You can use any roof that is designed to lower the temperature, like a clay roof.


Regulating the temperature of the interior of your home is hard work. The only proven way to do it is to use central heating and set the thermostat to a specific heat. But, gas heating is incredibly effective, which in most cases would not be a negative. However, in Australia, too much heat is not a good thing. You need alternative methods that let the heat in and warm up the house without making it too stuffy and suffocating. A skylight is a perfect example because it lets the sun’s natural rays into the house, and they are not as hot as a boiling radiator!

Solar Panels

If you do need some central heating, don’t go down the conventional route. As we have already worked out, they are just too good! Solar panels are a good option if you are struggling to find an alternative. They are not as powerful as gas or electric, and they come in a variety of different power options so you can use as much or as little energy as you want. A 5KW solar power system is easily regulated, and it will cut your carbon footprint and the utility bills. It’s a winner all around!

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are more important than you think because they serve two purpose: keeping heat out and keeping heat in. Let me explain. During the day, you need exterior doors that will keep the heat out and keep your house cool. They can do that in a variety of ways as long as they are properly fitted. Or, as a last resort, you can open your exterior doors to create a draft. But, at night when the temperature drops, you might want that excess heat as Australia does get cold at night. Exterior doors will stop the existing heat from escaping, therefore performing two tasks in one.

Window Treatments

Cooling down is all about the little details, and they don’t come much smaller than window treatments. I mean, does the most avid interior designer even care that much about curtains or blinds? There is not enough time in the day to be worrying about that age old debate. Well, in fact, there is, and you should be worrying about that sort of stuff if you don’t want to overheat and evaporate! Blinds are brilliant at letting the heat come and go as it pleases, so the UV rays don’t become trapped. Whereas curtains are heavy material, and they trap the heat. There is only one winner, and that winner is the blinds.

Air Conditioner

Sometimes, the only way to cool down is with a good air conditioner. A quality HVAC unit will distribute mildly cold air around the house, and that will feel like bliss in the hot summer days. There is nothing as effective as an air conditioner, and if you take your comfort seriously, you will get one installed.


HVAC units are expensive, and they price some homeowners out of buying one. They are not as effective, but fans are a decent alternative. For one thing, they are far cheaper, and you can have more than one all over your home. They might just recycle warm air, but that is better than sitting and stewing in the heat.


You might come from a cold country where insulation is a lifesaver. But, in Australia, it is only going to add to your overheating problems. Stay away from insulation! Another great tip is to keep the clutter to a minimum because an untidy house is a warm house.

Colour Scheme

Certain colours will increase the temperature. If you want to keep the atmosphere cold and airy, you need colours that reflect that fact, literally. Light colours will reflect the heat and UV rays, so they don’t enter your house. Just make sure that the exterior of your property is properly decorated with the right colour. If you go dark and matte, your house will attract the heat like the light attracts moths.


Just like the window treatments, you want to stay away from heavy materials, namely carpet. To regulate the temperature, go for hardwood, laminate or tile flooring that won’t absorb the heat should it enter your home in the first place. Plus, they are easy to clean!

Staying cool is a bigger job than you would first imagine. When you get here, however, you will soon realise how hard it is. Hopefully, these tips will make a big difference.

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