Here's How You Can Create A Family Bathroom That's Functional As Well As Stylish

For us parents, when we hear the phrase, ‘family bathroom’, we think, ‘crazily busy bathroom’. With me, my partner and our little one all sharing one bathroom, it is a room that is one of the most used in our house.

Even though our bathroom has become a very family-orientated space, it is still somewhere that I like to look stylish. Our bathroom might get a lot of family use, but it is also somewhere that I like to use to relax. Before we had children, our bathroom was a stylish space and was easy to relax in. But, as most parents will know, once the kids arrived, style is overridden by function and safety.

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However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Believe it or not, you can create a family bathroom that is both functional and stylish. Here’s what you need to do:

Get inspiration

When it comes to transforming your bathroom, the first thing that you need to do is get inspiration. When it comes to bathroom renovations, it can be hard to know where to start. Coming up with a design for your bathroom that is both functional and stylish can be tricky, which is why getting inspiration is crucial.

You should find lots of inspiration online on home design blogs, as well as in home magazines. You could also use sites like Pinterest to get some ideas - you will find lots of amazing picture on here, so make sure to check it out.

Think about the features that you want

Once you have got some inspiration, the next step is to consider the type of features that you would like your new bathroom to have. While you are coming up with ideas for your new bathroom, make sure to keep in mind functionality, as well as style.

For example, when it comes to choosing a new shower, opt for a design with a large, fixed shower head. These are great, as not only do they not get water everywhere as they are fixed in place, they can also speed up shower time. Plus, they look incredibly stylish, so are perfect.

For functionality, it might be a good idea to opt for a bathroom that is completely tiled. That way, if any water is splashed onto the walls by your little ones, it won’t affect the paint. Plus, thanks to the invention of steam mops, tiles are incredibly quick and easy to clean, so are ideal for a family bathroom.

Consult an expert

Once you have an idea of what you want, the next step is to consult an expert. Do some research and contact one of the most reputable bathroom renovations experts in your area. If you struggle to find someone, ask friends or relatives for advice - perhaps they can recommend a good company.

While you could renovate your bathroom yourself, if you want it done properly, it’s best to hire an expert. It might make the renovation a little more expensive, but it will mean that your new bathroom will be done more quickly.

Creating a family bathroom that is both functional and stylish doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you follow the simple tips in this guide, you can make it much easier for yourself.

We are at the wishful planning stage and I am enjoying playing with ideas and using soft furnishings to keep things fresh and organised. What is your bathroom like? Horror or heaven? x

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