Party Planning 101: Hosting An Event

I love parties, and I love planning them even more. Recently, my partner just proposed, and I couldn’t have been happier. ‘Yes, I get to plan the engagement party’ was one of the first thoughts that run through my head! I know it is not for everyone because I have friends who hate hosting parties, which is strange as they love attending them! For all those people out there who do want to host a successful party, there are one or two things you have to be aware of first. As with everything in life, start out small and take care of the basics.

Here is some party planning 101, the first page of the party planning handbook so to speak. Enjoy.

Make A List

The best parties have the best people, which is why I am always at any party that is bouncing! Only joking! The principle holds true, though. Any party that you have been to and you have enjoyed would have been full of people you love. Obviously, your family members are going to be there, but also your closest friends and friends who you have not seen in a while. Parties need an eclectic mix of people to keep the atmosphere alive. The best way to get those people to attend is to make a list of who those people are to begin with.

Pick The Best Venue

Without a venue, you are not going to be able to host a party in the first place. You need a place that is big enough to hold a lot of people, but that is also not too big so there are spaces that cannot be filled. Also, a party venue should correlate to the type of party you are planning. For example, a birthday venue might have more elements of fun where people can dance or even play games. An engagement party venue, however, will be more elegant and sophisticated. Think about the tone before you pick your venue.

Set A Tone

On the topic of tone, you might want to pick one to make planning your event easier. There are plenty of themes that you can choose from, and they don’t even have to be glamorous or exotic. For example, if you are planning a Halloween party, you can have a scary theme like ghosts or vampires. Or, if it is a Christmas party, make it all about Christmas, from the decorations to the food. Every party should have a theme.

Make A Playlist

Music makes the atmosphere. Without music, there is no atmosphere, and it is that simple. But, you can’t pick albums at random and hope for the best. You have to cater your music to your guests and your theme. If you the guests don’t like the music, they certainly won’t get up and start dancing. And, what is a party without a good boogie?!

The more comfortable you get with parties, the more you can take other details into consideration. For now, these should be enough to make any party a hit.

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