Real Mum Series - Kim-Marie

This months Real Mum is Kim-marie from Kimba likes . She is a quirky, stylish and kind hearted Mum and wife extraordinaire.   

Enjoy x 

On Kimba Likes, you will find everything from fashion tips, style guides, shopping suggestions and beauty reviews, to family adventures, health and lifestyle. 

Stopping by Kimba Likes is like catching up with a great friend. You’ll get honesty, advice, ideas and a laugh or two – all delivered with the sass and sparkle that is Kimba herself. 

I've been doing this mum gig for more than 11 years now and every stage has amazing and dear gods moments! 

I loved the milk drunk cuddles of a newborn. The pride when my baby ticks off a major milestone - as if I had anything to do with it! The toddler logic moments. The endless chatter about dinosaurs from my preschooler. 

Plus many more moments, right up to recent moments like the chat we had about crushes, and when our dining room turns into a mosh pit!

I love the little family we have created, and I look forward to meeting the man our son will be. 

I have a feeling he will be happy, handsome and an excellent boyfriend / husband. He learned from the best!

How do you stay balanced?
By realising that balance is only ever a temporary thing and sometimes the ups outweigh the downs, and vice versa. 

Plus decaf lattes, painkillers and antidepressants for my PMDD. 

Relationship tips??

Make sure you have family time, one on one kid time, me time and couple time. 

Schedule regular date nights - even if it just having dinner together at the dining table and not on your laps as you watch telly. 

Laugh every single day together. Have lots of sex - it really is awesome fun! Go to bed early or sneak some early morning time if your little one has a sleep in. 

Best real mum tip?
I'm not a fan of the term "real" to describe people.

I would advise that whilst being a mother is the most important and all consuming job you may ever have, you are more than someone's mother. 

It is important to keep up professional qualifications, keep reading, remain in touch with friends, and make some time to look after yourself as well.  

Being a mum is what I feel I was born to do - but I'd be bloody boring if it was all I did. 

How has your style evolved since having kids?

I used to work in an office so heels and skirt suits featured a lot more in my daily style!

I wear a lot more colour and pattern. I call my style casual chic with a retro cute quirky twist!

How do you stay healthy?

Right now, I have no idea! I've had some sort of virus / flu / cold / cough / sinusitis since May. 

I get in as much incidental exercise as I can and eat as well as I can - so
I can indulge in the odd treat! Hello #kimbalikesdailytreats

Me time is it possible?

Absofrockinglutely! When you've got tinies, it can be more difficult but you can find time. Schedule yourself into your To Do list and diary. 

Switch up babysitting with a friend so you can get your hair done, for example. 

When Baby Boyo had lots of day sleeps, I would have one nap with him, one would be housework and one would be Me Time. I really missed that time when he dropped his last sleep!

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