My Tips To Spruce Up Your Tired Looking Kitchen

Sometimes I walk into my kitchen after a long day and think ‘wow, you look as tired as I do!’. We all spend a lot of time in our kitchen. It’s where we cook, clean, eat, wash bottles, socialize, wash more bottles and pour wine. So naturally, it can get tattier than the other rooms in our house a lot quicker. Unfortunately, the kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to modernize and upgrade. However, it can easily be tidied up on a tighter budget, and without too much hassle! Here’s how you can spruce up your tired looking kitchen.

Reconsider Your Colors

Firstly, you should consider looking at the color scheme you currently have. Is it a little outdated? Modernize it by repainting with some bright yet neutral colors, like cream or light gray. If you already have this sort of color, then repaint it with a slightly different shade. You’ll be surprised what this little difference will make! Visitors might not notice, but you certainly will.

Decide What Needs Replacing

Then you should look at what you have that can be worked with, and what may need replacing. If you’d prefer, or are unsure what you are doing, a company like Dream Doors Kitchens can come in and do this for you. You might just need the doors replacing rather than the whole cupboards, which will save you a lot of money!


Once you have replaced anything that you need to, you should have a deep clean. It will do a little for how it looks, but mostly it will give you peace of mind! Be sure to get around the back of all your cupboards, and clean the fridge and oven. Also invest in a sweet smelling air freshener, you can get some that will automatically spray on a timer.

Upgrade your Appliances

Next you should think about whether any of your appliances might need upgrading. For instance, if your microwave is looking a little old school in your newly shiny kitchen, it might be worth looking into getting a new one. We should all consider one of these fancy coffee makers too! Finally, if you have the money, a great thing to update would be your fridge. A free-standing fridge installed with a cold water and ice dispenser would be a great investment if you really wanted to treat your kitchen!

Accessorize Your Kitchen

To give some finishing touches to your newly spruced up kitchen, you should accessorize! Treat yourself to some new mugs and hang them on the wall to show them off. You could also get a wall magnet to stick your knifes onto. Make it pretty with some fresh flowers, and decorate the window ledge with family photos!

If you are tight on budget, then even taking just a few of these steps will help to spruce up your kitchen. Nobody wants their home to look outdated so be sure to keep up by following these tips. If you have any more pointers to get your kitchen looking fabulous, then leave me a comment!

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