One Year Old Babies

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The newborn hours, days, weeks and months have passed. I made it through the first year and I know have a nearly walking baby. When I look at her little chubby cheeks I still see a baby, a little baby who needs me all day but it is so different to the needs of a new baby.

At one my wee bebe is crawling and pulling herself up on everything she can. She is eating 3-5 meals a day and is inquisitive and frustrated, and proud of her efforts.

Every difficulty with a baby passes in time, and is replaced with a different challenge.


Now our little miss is crawling we have had to child proof the house, Starting with safety gates and door locks. Moving breakable objects, and rearranging furniture.

Our Safety tips

*A screw in safety gate that swings both ways and self locks at the top of the stairs
*Drawer locks, kitchen cabinet door locks.
*Vacuum daily and check the floors, couch etc for anything that could be swallowed
*Check toys regularly for broken pieces, fluff, batteries and loose cords
*Shut doors, and close off areas that contain anything dangerous and poisonous
*Think ahead and assume they will get into it, put it away, throw it out, move it before an accident can happen


Feeding time is sometimes trying, it can be easy and fun or it can be a teary mess . We have a highchair that pulls up to the dining table, a splat mat on the floor and wipes at hand. Bibs are a must at every meal and we use the washable plastic variety so they can be washed up with ease in the sink.


We still have a fairly strict bedtime routine. Bath, pajamas and sleep suit. Bottle and cuddles and then sleep. We have transitioned from the sleep bags to the sleep suit with arms.

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